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Our ULV Fogging Process is applied throughout all areas of your facility or home
herefore disinfecting all surfaces and air in a matter of minutes,
while leaving a long lasting barrier against virus, bacteria or mold.


If you are concerned about your indoor air quality or you want to ensure your house or facility is free from viruses, bacteria or mold, then this is the service you require.


Specialty Cleaning Is Our Business! Hiring Ultraclean's Professionally Trained Techs using our Portable Electric ULV Mister Aerosol Applicator is taking the proactive approach during these difficult times. Our Fogging Service Immediately Disinfects and Sanitizes.  All surfaces and air are disinfected allowing you to stop the spread of viruses, bacteria and mold by touching contaminated surfaces.


Most sanitizers and disinfecting products require 10 minutes of dwell time. The product we use only requires 30 second to fully sanitize and 2 +minutes disinfection making it ideal for vertical and horizontal surfaces in most commercial offices and homes.

ULV Fogging has been used for years to disinfect hospital rooms, mold control, sanitation of surfaces, air cleaning, odor control. A cost effective method of disinfecting all surfaces and air within minutes. 

The Ultraclean Solution: About
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